November 26, 2003

Create a Newsletter with OpenOffice/StarOffice Writer

In today's tutorial, let's create a simple newsletter using OpenOffice Writer. Although this tutorial is discussed in terms of OpenOffice, it pretty
much applies to StarOffice Writer also.

If you have a major GNU-Linux distribution, you likely already have OpenOffice and its Writer module. If you are an MS Windows user you might not
already have OpenOffice installed. Whichever of the above listed OSs you use; you can download and install OpenOffice at no charge to you. You also
can purchase OpenOffice on CDs at a nominal cost. Download links in the Resources section at the end of this tutorial.

Figure 1 below, OpenOffice Demo Newsletter, is a simple newsletter created to test OpenOffice Writer as a DTP application. As you can see, OpenOffice
Writer handled all the basic DTP elements of a newsletter. It can do columns and moreover it can mix columnar formatting with non-columnar formatting.


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