November 10, 2005

Create PHP5 applications that interact with eBay

Anonymous Reader writes "Almost half of eBay's transactions occur through its Webservices

platform. These three tutorials shows you how to create applications

in PHP5 that interact with eBay through Webservices.

Build an eBay search engine
This tutorial shows you how to build a small application that allows

users to execute ad hoc queries against eBay through eBay's SOAP API.

Use the eBay SOAP API and Webservices
This tutorial focuses on integrating an application with eBay's

Webservices, using the authentication and authorization system, and

making API calls.

Develop eBay applications with PHP5 and Webservices
This tutorial will give you a solid understanding of the mechanics of

the interaction between PHP5, eBay Webservices and the eBay XML API."

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