March 11, 2004

Creative Commons as solution to P2P lawsuits

Russell McOrmond writes "I sent out a March 1 press release introducing the Make it legal: don't litigate, use creative licensing campaign. In this campaign I expand a previous involvement in the campaign to promote FLOSS to software users to promoting "commons-based peer production" (FLOSS, Creative Commons) to creators as well.

Incumbent content and software manufacturing industrial associations in Canada such as CRIA and CAAST wish to place the blame for current problems on their own customers, and create considerable customer relations problems by suing their own customer base. FLORA Community Consulting wishes all creators to acknowledge that the source of their problems is not lawlessness of their customers, but their own failure to embrace new business models that are better suited to the Internet era and the expectations of new economy consumers.

I encourage other FLOSS or Creative Commons supporters to offer similar services."



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