October 30, 2003

Crime Checkers Adopt Linux Device to Ward Off Worms

After attacks from the Nimda and Code Red worms back in 2001, National Background Data (NDB) turned to Astaro Security Linux (ASL), a multi-faceted
Linux-based network appliance. ASL will keep playing a behind-the-scenes role when the national criminal background checking service moves its Web
front end from Windows 2000 to Linux later in 2003.

"Actually, two years ago, we were mainly looking for a load balancing system," recalls Randy Lastinger, the Ocala, FL-based customer's director of
network operations. "With ASL, though, we're getting an all-in-one solution: load balancing, a firewall VPN, stateful packet inspection, anti-virus,
anti-spam, URL blocking, and more. As you might imagine, because of what we do, we get lots of spam."

NBD runs a Web-based service aimed at helping background screening companies to quickly find out whether job and housing applicants have undisclosed
criminal convictions.

Link: linuxplanet.com


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