February 11, 2004

'Critical' Flaws Could Lead to Legal Action Against Microsoft

OwlWhacker writes "Microsoft could face legal action from individuals and companies as a result of critical flaws in its operating system, an expert said today. [I was thinking that it's silly to take legal action against Microsoft because of flaws, and then I thought, no it's not! Isn't it Microsoft that's boasting of how much more secure Windows is, and how it's so much safer than the competition? Of course, we all know this is a pile of horse turd, but you can't blame ignorant computer users for believing the software behemoth. So I say sue Microsoft for all its bragging. And another thing, wasn't Microsoft boasting last year that it fixed flaws within days? What's with this 5-6 months business? Looks like Microsoft is innovating in deceit.]"

Link: news.scotsman.com

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