December 19, 2006

Critical Mass Modula-3 5.4.0 released

elego Software Solutions GmbH writes "The elego Software Solutions GmbH is pleased to announce the release of Critical Mass Modula-3 5.4.0. Modula-3 is a systems programming language that descends from Mesa, Modula-2, Cedar, and Modula-2+. The goal of Modula-3 is to be as simple and safe as it can be while meeting the needs of modern systems programmers. Modula-3 retains one of Modula-2's most successful features, the provision for explicit interfaces between modules. It adds objects and classes, exception handling, garbage collection, lightweight processes (or threads), and the isolation of unsafe features.

Modula-3 is open source and freely distributable.

Besides micellaneous improvements CM3 5.4.0 contains the following

- updated code generator based on gcc 3.4.5
- use of generational/incremental garbage collection by default
    via compiler support
- system call wrappers not needed anymore for garbage collection support
- support of system-level threading
- updated m3gdb debugger

CM3 5.4.0 supports the following platforms:

Please read the release notes for detailled information

The project's homepage
provides options to download Modula-3, access to release notes, bug
tracking and further information.

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