July 20, 2004

Cross-platform packaging facility OpenPKG 2.1 released

Ralf S. Engelschall writes "The OpenPKG project released
version 2.1
of their unique RPM-based cross-platform Unix software
packaging facility. OpenPKG 2.1 consists of 495 selected (from a
pool of 770) packages which include latest versions of popular Unix
software like Apache, Bash, BIND, GCC, INN, Mozilla, MySQL, OpenSSH, Perl,
Postfix, PostgreSQL, Samba, Squid, teTeX and Vim -- all carefully
packaged for easy deployment on 21 different Unix platforms, including
FreeBSD 4.10/5.2, Debian GNU/Linux 3.0/3.1, Red Hat Linux 9, Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 3, Fedora Core 2, SuSE Linux 9.0/9.1, and Sun Solaris
2.6/8/9/10. The major technical efforts for this release were spent
on the porting of all packages to five additional Unix platforms,
the necessary adjustments to packages required by GCC 3.4 and the
consolidation and packaging of the developer tool chain."

Link: openpkg.org

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