February 9, 2006

CrossOver Office gets optimized for Linspire

Author: editingwhiz

editingwhiz writes "CodeWeavers Inc. and Linspire Inc. Wednesday jointly announced the release of CrossOver Office 5.0 for Linspire, a specially optimized version of the product for the Linspire Linux distribution. CrossOver Office enables Linspire users to run Windows applications natively from their Linspire desktop.

"Businesses tell us they want to switch to the desktop Linux operating system to reduce total cost of ownership or improve security, but it's the thought of losing one or two software applications that holds them back," Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony said.

Novell has been polling the public to find out what Windows-only applications, if ported to Linux, would increase the likelihood that people would switch to Linux. Adobe Photoshop ranks No. 1 on the list, Autocad second, and Dreamweaver third in the continuing survey. Quicken, Quickbooks, and Lotus Notes also ranked in the top 10. Many of these apps can be run on Linux via CrossOver Office, according to CodeWeavers.

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