August 8, 2002

Crossover Office Server Edition expected next week

- by Tina Gasperson -
Codeweavers, the company that brought us Crossover Plugin and Office, is set to
release Crossover Office Server Edition at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo early
next week.Jeremy White, Codeweavers CEO, says that the server edition is
intended as a direct competitor to the Citrix/Windows Terminal Server solution
currently employed by many businesses.

"The idea is that you centrally manage your applications on a small set of
servers," says White, "and have all your clients pick up their applications from
a central site." The benefit for users appears to be the lowered cost of using
Crossover Office Server Edition compared to paying license fees for Microsoft
and Citrix products.

In much the same way that Crossover Office works for individual users, the
Server Edition will allow end users of Linux desktops to run Windows-based
applications -- the difference is that the applications will live on the server
so multiple users can access them simultaneously.

"Initially, we're going to target Solaris and Linux clients, but we hope to
rapidly add support for other Unixes, as well as for Mac OS X and Windows
clients," White added.

Earlier this week, Codeweavers announced Crossover Office 1.2, with official support for Quicken and Microsoft Visio.


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