October 21, 2002

Crunch time: Final merge candidates for Linux 3.0

Rob Landley filling in for Linus: "Okay, Linus has left for the Linux Lunacy Cruise (see www.geekcruises.com), which ends october 27. When he gets back, he's implied that there will be EXACTLY ONE more set of last minute merges before we switch over to the 3.0-pre (or 2.6-pre) series. Those of you waiting for the last minute: this is it.

There are people patch-hoovering while Linus is off 'lecturing' on a boat in the Carribean, but we don't know who those are, so that's not useful. What IS useful is knowing what the candidate patches are. Not bug fixes, but new features with one final shot at 2.5.45."

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