May 22, 2002

CryptoHeaven announces new version 2.0

Marcin Kurzawa writes: "CryptoHeaven Announces New Version 2.0 .

CryptoHeaven software v2.0 is available for immediate download from the website. The new software can be installed directly over the previous version. Download the software from:

Existing CryptoHeaven users running Linux can download the minimum update: eaven.tar.gz

New Features

  • 1) Support for external email. You now get your own CryptoHeaven email address.
  • 2) Improved user interface. The new version is now much more user friendly and includes guiding templates.
  • 3) Numerous usability enhancements.
  • 4) Instant Messaging enhancements including improved user interaction.
  • 5) Improved connectivity. The software is now more resistant to poor internet connectivity.
  • 6) Many other smaller changes and updates.

CryptoHeaven Secure Online Services - Benefits for Business Customers

CryptoHeaven is particularly well suited for businesses sending sensitive documents between corporate offices or between business partners. All your messages and documents can be accessed securely from any computer connected to the Internet like your home and office PC. Consider using CryptoHeaven for sending all your important documents and save a lot of time and money.

Use CryptoHeaven technology to replace overnight deliveries or registered mail. There is no longer an excuse for late and expensive deliveries. It only takes a minute to send your document, and it can be received right away - even around the globe.

It is absurd to go through the expense and time cost of copying inherently digital material to a physical media and delivering it through a courier or mail. CryptoHeaven knows that, and so do you. CryptoHeaven technology offers you peace of mind, consider the following:

  • a) Automatic end-to-end 256-bit encryption.
  • b) Secure transmission of files of any size or type to a single user or group of users.
  • c) Secure e-mail with unlimited size attachments.
  • d) Automatic recipient notification.

CryptoHeaven is not just a very secure e-mail for sensitive document delivery. Use CryptoHeaven for all your important communications. All CryptoHeaven clients have access to the following services from an easy to use interface:

  • a) Secure file sharing.
  • b) Secure online storage.
  • c) Secure instant messaging.

Everyone knows the benefits of e-mail for sending casual messages. CryptoHeaven allows you to extend that convenience to sending sensitive business correspondence knowing it will not be intercepted - ever!

Now you have the power to send any electronic document via CryptoHeaven to anyone, no matter what the content. You no longer have to worry about your messages ending up in your competitor's, news reporter's, government's or anyone else's hands.

For more information, visit us at"

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