June 26, 2004

CryptoHeaven New Version 2.4.1 Available

Author: CryptoHeaven Development Team

Marcin Kurzawa writes "CryptoHeaven New Version 2.4.1 Available

CryptoHeaven, a secure e-mail, instant messaging, and online storage provider announces immediate availability of new software version 2.4.1. The new software can be downloaded from http://www.cryptoheaven.com/download and installed directly over the previous version.

Most notable New Features in version 2.4.1 since last announcement of 2.3.1 include:

Version 2.4.1 (196) improvements:

  • Implemented support for multiple email addresses for each account. Individual users can now have 5 email addresses per account, business users can have up to 12 addresses for each account.
  • New accounts are now assigned an email address that matches the user name as closely as possible.

Version 2.4.0 (180) improvements:

  • Implemented automatic software updates. Future software updates will be installed automatically. This feature can be disabled.
  • Implemented contact management for business accounts.

Version 2.3.3 (174) improvements:

  • Implemented an ability to transfer folder ownership.
  • Improved shared folder management features.

Version 2.3.2 (162) improvements:

  • Implemented out of office auto-responder.
  • Implemented support for authenticating SOCKS 5 proxy.
  • Improved chat functionality.
  • Improved folder sharing functionality. Child folders can now inherit parent folder properties.
  • Added an ability to remove the secure "reply to" footnote.
  • Improved connectivity for computers behind firewalls. Mac OS X users with default firewall configurations should notice much faster logins.

CryptoHeaven? is a service of CryptoHeaven Development Team, an Internet Privacy and Security group with Secure Data Center servers located in Toronto, Canada.

CryptoHeaven allows your group to send encrypted e-mail, securely backup and share files, pictures, charts, business documents, sounds, schematics, drawings, prints, and any other form of electronic media through a secure environment. CryptoHeaven makes it simple to archive, store, access, and share information among coworkers, work groups, clients, and customers through this easy to use online service."


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