November 30, 2000

Curious Networks Launches Developer Network

Author: JT Smith

Developers can now breathe a collective sigh of relief because life as they know it just got a little easier thanks to the launch of Curious Networks' online application development Workshop at link For the first time, novices and experts alike can explore and test Curious Networks? patent-pending markup language, MAXML-the power behind next-generation applications. Workshop is the first free multi-channel online environment where application developers can quickly and easily build, evaluate and publish applications for multiple devices through a single development effort.
By creating applications in Workshop, visitors get a preview of Curious Networks' flagship product, Continuum, scheduled for release in early 2001, and first-hand experience working with an evaluation version of the company's innovative markup language, MAXML (Multi-channel Access XML). Workshop contains all the tools needed to quickly and easily publish mobile, as well as wired applications without having to download any software. To help get developers started, the site features a thorough guide on MAXML, tutorials, sample MAXML applications, a syntax checker and a publishing environment. In addition, newsgroups and message boards provide developers with help and feedback, and allows them to share their innovative MAXML applications with others.

Until today, developers had to painstakingly code applications for each access channel using the standards associated with each particular device, requiring them to learn numerous mark-up languages such as WML, HDML, VoiceXML, XHTML and Palm?s PQA. Because of the unique way MAXML allows developers to define an application?s functionality, programmers only need to write code once, enabling them to deploy the application across all current and future devices, including PDAs, text pagers, WAP phones, interactive TV and standard phones using voice recognition.

Unlike traditional markup languages based on presentation, MAXML is founded on human interaction models that interpret how the application data should be presented on each device. Because developers define specific interactions independent of presentation standards, MAXML requires fewer lines of code, saving valuable time and headaches when testing and debugging applications.

The first phase of the Workshop will support the Web, WAP phones and voice portals. Additional devices and functionality will continually be updated online.

About Curious Networks

Curious Networks enables companies to deliver customized business, employee, and consumer-centric applications across the widest range of Internet devices. The company's flagship product, Continuum, contains the full-featured version of MAXML, broader device support and capabilities for customizing the look and feel of applications on each device and is a high-performing, scalable presentation server and development platform. Using Continuum, businesses are able to develop next-generation applications that users can access when they want, how they want, and where they want-by using their PCs, mobile or standard phones, personal digital assistants and other emerging Internet appliances.

Curious Networks? platform is compatible with all industry standards from HTML and XML to WML and VoiceXML. Using MAXML, a breakthrough multi-channel markup language based on interaction-oriented development, the Curious Networks Continuum product delivers unparalleled usability, protection from costly future development, and complete scalability.

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