December 5, 2001

Curl Corporation announces platform support for Linux

Author: JT Smith

Curl Corporation, the leading software
infrastructure company for the development and delivery of content in a
Web-based environment, today announced a Technology Preview program to
support developers using Curl(tm) technology on the Linux operating system.
The Technology Preview is a unique opportunity for the developer community
to test and experiment with the Curl(tm) content language and help define
the upcoming Linux version of the Surge(tm) Lab Integrated Development
Environment (IDE).

The current testing environment allows developers to run and build Curl
applets on Linux within the Surge Lab IDE using the Surge Lab Applet Runner.
The Surge Lab IDE provides a unique and interactive environment for
developers to experiment with and modify sample Curl code and to build rich
and dynamic Web applications using the Curl content language. The Surge
Applet Runner takes the place of a Web browser and provides an environment
in which developers can interact with applets.

Traditionally, Linux has been adopted to create server applications, which
tend to be large, use a lot of memory and can hinder the performance of the
server when users want to download applications. As a client-side language,
Curl reduces download size and moves computation from the server to the
client, thereby delivering the speed and interactivity of a desktop
application to the Web browser. By using the Curl language within the Linux
operating environment, developers can create XML client applications locally
instead of static HTML pages on the server, and can personalize the look and
feel of the application without ever having to interact with the server.

"We believe that Linux is the defacto operating system of the X-Internet and
we want to provide customers with the best technology possible for building
the next generation Web applications," said Bob Young, CEO and chairman of
Curl Corporation. "By working with the developers and customers to create
the Surge Lab IDE for Linux, we will not only succeed in that effort but
also continue to bring innovation to the development community worldwide."
Participation in the Surge Lab IDE Linux Technology Preview is currently
limited to 100 alpha users but, based on demand, participation will be
expanded in the future. Curl is inviting the participating Linux developer
community to help form the commercial version of this platform for the Curl
content language by finding bugs and making suggestions for product
features. For more information about the Technology Preview or Curl
Corporation, please visit or

About Curl Corporation
Curl Corporation is a software infrastructure company whose content
development and delivery platform enables true client/server functionality
in a Web-based environment. The platform consists of a unified software
environment that incorporates and extends the capabilities of existing Web
technologies in a single integrated content language, and that uses the
power of client-side processing to bring desktop application functionality
to Internet, intranet and extranet applications. The result is better
performing and more powerful Web-based applications; reduced development,
deployment and maintenance costs; and more effective use of existing server
and bandwidth capacity. Curl Corporation was named by Computerworld as one
of the top 100 companies to watch in 2002. For more information, visit

Curl and Surge Lab are trademarks of Curl Corporation. All other trademarks
appearing in this press release are the property of their respective owners.

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