March 1, 2004

The current interfaces have no future

Mahdi Abdulrazak writes "A general supplement on Eric S. Raymond's article: The Luxury of Ignorance: An Open-Source Horror Story

The reason for me writing this article is that Raymond is taking Microsoft as a direction example that the Open Source community could follow. Quote: This kind of fecklessness (poor UI usability and design) is endemic in open-source land. And it's what's keeping Microsoft in business because by Goddess, they may write crappy insecure overpriced shoddy software, but on this one issue their half-assed semi-competent best is an order of magnitude better than we usually manage.

Its very important for the open source community to be aware of the fundamental usability problems of computers, operating systems and software, that surly also apply to Microsoft and the software industry in general.

Microsoft set up its focus rather to imagination speaking techniques
then on the problems which are caused by the old techniques of usability and UI design.

Thousands of academicians around the world are working on this issue. The problem of current usability sits in its fundamental technical approach. Its mainly aiming itself at the design and technique that dictates the interface; the fundamental question signs in regard to the relation between cognitive psychology and interfaces are ignored.

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