April 8, 2008

Customizing the Menus Menu in Joomla!

Author: JT Smith

There are numerous menus in the front end of every application. They are often displayed as standalone boxes. The menu items are generally arranged one below the other. Menus can also be integrated into the design horizontally so that at first sight they aren't even recognizable as cohesive menus. CSS menus, which can even be transparent, are very cool.

These menus and the menu links are dynamically administered in Joomla! from database content in the Menus work area. Joomla! has six different menus in the sample data. (main menu, top menu, other menu, user menu, example pages, and key concepts) In this article we will discuss administering, creating and managing menus in Joomla!

Link: packtpub.com


  • Open Source
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