December 18, 2003

Cut the cord on your next presentation

Author: Rob Reilly

There I was, standing in the middle of my audience with the laptop and projector, giving a talk about bringing Linux into a business. I had to constantly spin around to talk to everyone, and it was distracting to tap on the laptop to go to the next slide. I wished I could be up at the front of the room, but I wasn't going to run a thick VGA cable across the floor between my laptop on the lectern and the projector. I couldn't help thinking there must be a better way -- and there is.

How about a presentation server?

Connect a low/no cost Linux box with wireless connectivity to your projector. Position your wireless Linux laptop in a convenient spot (like behind the lectern), and use your laptop mouse and keyboard to control your slide show, as well as perhaps audio for some music before the show and during breaks.

Here's how I built my presentation server system.

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