November 13, 2003

CyberGuard acquires embedded-Linux SnapGear

Author: Joe Barr

Embedded Linux company Snapgear has been acquired by CyberGuard for a reported $16 million dollar pricetag. The deal was announced this morning in a press release issued by CyberGuard.

The deal represents a move into a new part of the security/firewall market for CyberGuard. Traditionally they have operated on large Unix-based machines in a market with annual expenditures in the $400-800 million dollar range. The acquisition of an embedded-Linux security firm positions them to go after the entire spectrum of the market: from the smallest to the largest. That market is expected to hit $4 billion dollars by 2007.

SnapGear's embedded-Linux distribution is unlike many others: it is free software, not proprietary. They have spelled out the reasons for going this route rather than using another distribution in this FAQ.


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