May 30, 2002

Cylant reaches out to "geeks" with new pricing for CylandSecure

ATTENTION GEEKS! Cylant, the premiere provider of host-based
intrusion detection and rejection systems for the Linux and FreeBSD server platforms,
has now made it even easier for "geeks" to take advantage of CylantSecure, the
top quality Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for these platforms. Cylant has
announced a new pricing program labeled the "Geek to Geek" program, which is
targeted to individuals with a single server. The "Geek to Geek" program enables
the smaller user to purchase CylantSecure for just $299 per license, which includes
one server agent and the CylantSecure console.
Cylant is a division of Software Systems International.

According to Joel Rothman, president of Cylant, "Prior to CylantSecure, there
was no reasonably-priced, effective IDS available for the Linux and FreeBSD enthusiast.
We decided to solve that problem. Thus, the "Geek to Geek" program was born."

CylantSecure is the first commercial host-based intrusion detection and rejection
product available for both Linux and FreeBSD systems. CylantSecure uses kernel
monitoring to detect attacks without needing continual signature or rule-set
updates. Through behavioral monitoring, CylantSecure can detect new attacks and
new types of attacks without needing updates.

Benefits of CylantSecure

  • Attacks are stopped before they can cause damage.
  • Costly attack repair and recovery are eliminated.
  • Internet servers are protected.
  • Service availability is increased.
  • Systems are protected against known and unknown attacks.


  • Kernel level attack detection.
  • Customizable response actions.
  • Support for multiple operating systems.
  • Real-time detection and response.

Evaluation versions of CylantSecure are available for free download at:

About Cylant
Cylant, a division of Software Systems International, develops technologies and
systems for measuring the execution behavior of running software. Cylant's behavioral
measurement technology (ARIA) is applicable to any software application. The
first commercial application of ARIA has been to the Linux kernel. Other software
it has been applied to include: Java Virtual Machine (JVM), GNU C compiler, Apache
web server, Open BSD Kernel, portions of the Solaris 8 kernel, libc for Solaris
7 & 8 and Linux 2.2.X & 2.4.X, ftp demons, BIND, and sendmail. The principles
and practices of behavioral measurement can be applied to any application to
continuously monitor it for security, reliability, availability, or accountability
purposes. Cylant provides tools to observe the behavior of running software and
measure that behavior against a stored behavioral baseline.

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