April 3, 2001

Cylant Technology Releases CylantSecure 0.99

Author: JT Smith

Cylant Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the first release of
CylantSecure for Linux. A non-expiring yet limited feature release has been
created for free download. The limited release is featured enough to allow you
to understand our unique approach and how effective it is. We have a full
featured version available for purchase from our web site which is targeted for
the small office/home office market. An advanced version is also available for
purchase from our web site and is more than able to protect the busiest of
Linux servers.

We encourage you to come visit our web page for further details and the chance
to download our free demo.


(To immediately download the free demo follow the link below.)


The Challenge:
IT Organizations and companies today face a serious security problem.
Unauthorized use of computer systems and resources continue to cause
large-scale security breaches. Today's security solutions are adequate to
prevent attacks based on known or general signatures, but are completely
vulnerable to novel (previously unknown) attacks. As a result, sophisticated
or unique attacks are not recognized or stopped early enough to prevent damage
or loss. These security breaches continue to cost companies billions in lost
revenue, fraud, embarrassing publicity and loss of proprietary information.

The Solution:

CylantSecure uses a new approach to computer security, revolutionizing
intrusion detection and response. Instead of relying on a database of known
attack signatures, CylantSecure characterizes normal behavior of a computer and
uses that information to detect abnormal behavior. CylantSecure profiles normal
system behaviors and then both detects and stops previously unknown and novel
attacks, before they cause damage or loss. By eliminating the need for
signatures of previously discovered intrusions, Cylant significantly reduces
the potential of financial loss from attacks or misuse.


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