August 2, 2001

CYRANO Releases DB Monitor for OpenSTA

Author: JT Smith

Noelle Beaudin writes, CYRANO today announced the release of the new DB Monitor module for OpenSTA. OpenSTA (Open System Testing Architecture) is a free and Open Source distributed testing environment that enables you to perform realistic e-business applications heavy load or stress tests with performance measurement.

The DB Monitor module complements the HTTP/S load testing capability of OpenSTA? by extending the range of data collection and monitoring options available when performance testing web applications. It supports the creation of Collectors that monitor and collect data from database server components of production systems and web applications during performance Tests. Collectors are incorporated into Tests to target these components with SQL requests and to collect results data for analysis so that performance of your entire Web application can be evaluated.

DB Monitor allows DBAs, Test Engineers, and QA staff to:

  • Identify if the database server is a bottleneck in your Web application, by defining performance rules.
  • Identify possible issues on a database server before users notice it, by defining lower thresholds during load test.
  • Monitor 24x7 real activity of the database server.
  • Define anomalies and associated severity rating for raising alerts.
  • Generate snapshots of database server activity to display information about processes, locks and general context so that anomalies can be cleared.
  • Show SQL statements and the name of stored procedures running at any given time.Utilize a single tool for monitoring, testing and reporting, so that results can be shared between departments.

DB Monitor Purchase

DB Monitor can be downloaded as a trial version at Purchase of the DB Monitor product can also be made via this web site, or from your local CYRANO office. OpenSTA? can
be downloaded from http://openstaorg/ and as always, it is free.

Special Offer on DB Monitor

"DB Monitor will be priced starting at $1500. To celebrate the release of DB Monitor, CYRANO is launching a special offer good until September 30th," said Noelle Beaudin, "we will be offering DB Monitor for $649.99 if you order from Also for the months of August and September, you can get the CD with OpenSTA? v1.2 and DB Monitor v1.0 plus the full documentation set for $999.99. How can you go wrong at that price? No other solution comes close with features and functionality."

Platforms Supported

DB Monitor for Sybase:

  • Sybase ASE 11.5 to 12.5
  • Windows NT/2000, Solaris 2.6 to 8 (Server only)

DB Monitor for Oracle:

  • Oracle 8, 8i
  • Windows NT/2000, Solaris 2.6 to 8 (Server only)

DB Monitor for Microsoft:

  • SQL Server 7 to 2000
  • Windows NT/2000

Further Information

DB Monitor can be ordered or downloaded as a trial version
today via

About OpenSTA

OpenSTA (Open System Testing Architecture) is
an Open Source, user-centric, repository-based testing and monitoring system
for Web Application Environments. Using the same base architecture,
OpenSTA can be deployed throughout the entire lifecycle
of WAE development, from component-based testing, through integration
and acceptance testing, and into production. Once the WAE is in production,
OpenSTA is then used to monitor system performance and
availability on a continuous basis.

OpenSTA's unique distributed processing facility
allows a single test operator to plan, control, execute and analyze
tests over a complete, enterprise-wide, distributed and heterogeneous
computing network, so that all project management can be controlled
from a single console. Once developed, tests can be run again and
again at minimum cost, so that testing no longer is a 'throw-away'

Whenever performance bottlenecks are highlighted during production
monitoring, the data collected from the production run can be used as
the basis for developing load tests. These can be run on-line or off-line
to enable customers to quickly track and correct problems within the WAE.

OpenSTA's ability to use a single base architecture
for production monitoring and load testing offers major advantages for
scalability testing. By capturing the current input to their WAE, and
then combining this with the modeling capabilities of
OpenSTA's load testing components, customers can
quickly assess the capabilities of their WAE in line with their
business requirements. OpenSTA is freely available
at Commercial
resources for OpenSTA are available at

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