October 11, 2001

Daemon News announces FreeBSD product

Author: JT Smith

Mountain View, CA ---- Daemon News announces it plans
to produce a packaged FreeBSD CD product with the release
of FreeBSD 4.5. "It seems that the FreeBSD baton passed
from Walnut Creek to BSDi and then to Wind River is being
dropped by Wind River!", said Greg Sutter, CTO for the
Daemon News. Based on recent press, Wind River's involvment
with FreeBSD in the future is uncertain or will be ending.
The Daemon News will now carry the baton. "We have been
supporting BSD and working to be the focal point of BSD
information for several years." said Chris Coleman
President of the Daemon News. "Now we will continue that
support by producing packaged versions of FreeBSD and
putting them in the distribution channels."

Daemon News already produces Darwin, the open source
version of Apple's new Mac OS X operating system, as well
as many other BSD related products and distributes them
to a domestic and international customer base.

Daemon News runs an online shopping mall (http://www.bsdmall.com) filled with BSD Merchandise.

In addition to the production of FreeBSD, Daemon
News also offers subscriptions for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD
and Darwin. Many long time FreeBSD users will recognize this familiar
service. Current subscribers to a Wind River/BSDi/Walnut Creek
subscription will need to purchase a new subscription from Daemon News
to continue the service.

A subscription ensures that you get sent the latest version of the
operating system on CD as soon as it is released. Its a great way for developers and users to stay current.

Daemon News is a comprehensive resource for BSD, operated in close
contact with the community. Established in 1998, Daemon News provides a
monthly online publication, Daily BSD News, a community based support
forum, and a retail outlet for all BSD related merchandise.

See the Daemon News at the Linux Showcase in Oakland
November 8th to November 10th.

Contact: Deborah Nelson
Daemon News

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