March 11, 2005

Daffodil launches CODAF: A ready-to-use ERP

Rohit Malhotra writes "Daffodil Software has launched CODAF (Compiere+Daffodil), a fully-usable ERP that can be installed in less than 5 minutes. This ready-to-use Compiere (with a fully automated installation and a bundled database) is priced at US$100 (for 10 users) and can be downloaded from our website. Alternatively, a CD version is also available upon request. Please note that the previous version of Compiere-compatible Daffodil DB remains free for the Compiere community.

The new (CODAF) release augments the performance of Compiere (with Daffodil DB) by around 200%. To highlight this - each one of the nearly 175 forms and reports of Compiere now open in 5 seconds or less. With CODAF, Compiere will now be up-and-running in a few minutes with database support from Daffodil DB. Unlike the earlier version, users need not download three separate components - the new release integrates these components and the GUI installer guides the user through the installation process - first for Daffodil DB and then for Compiere.

Additionally, Daffodil Software will also offer services around Compiere. These services will include - but not limited to - support for CODAF, Compiere and Daffodil DB; and also customization and product/application development around Compiere. For more information, please drop us a line at:

About Daffodil DB and Compiere:

Daffodil DB is a J2EE-certified, JDBC 3.0 and SQL-99 compliant Java database. Daffodil DB can be embedded within any application and delivers high performance with minimum system resource usage. More details can be viewed at

Compiere is a leading Open Source ERP that provides a comprehensive solution for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) in distribution and service on a global basis and covers all areas from customer management and supply chain to accounting. More details can be viewed at


All trademarks and copyrights relating to Daffodil DB and Compiere are of the respective registered entities, namely Daffodil Software Ltd. and ComPiere Inc."


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