January 22, 2005

Daffodil Replicator Released with support for DB2

Rohit Malhotra writes "Gurgaon, India - January 21, 2005: Daffodil Software, a Java database and replication technology company, has released Daffodil Replicator v1.6 (an open source data replication tool), equipped with the much awaited IBM DB2 support. This version also provides for increased performance and high data availability.

Replicator is an enterprise-wide data replication solution that eliminates the complexity of sharing information across heterogeneous operating systems and databases. It mirrors business-critical data and generates multiple copies for high data accessibility. Its bi-directional replication capabilities allow remote clients to synchronize with data changes in the corporate database.

The enhancements introduced in v1.6 are the result of mutual efforts by Daffodil Software and the open source community. Post the inclusion of DB2 as a supported database; it is now possible to merge data between DB2 and heterogeneous remote database servers (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Daffodil DB and Derby) running in distributed environments.

Daffodil Replicator offers the following benefits to users:

* Data replication across heterogeneous database environment
* On-demand or Periodic backup of mission-critical data
* High availability of data in distributed computing environment
* Data sharing between head-office and satellite branches
* Distributes the work load on critical server
* Reducing total investment on hardware resources

"The Data Movement and Replication (DMR) market has huge potential and is projected to reach $1.8 billion by 2008. Most of the products catering to this market are highly priced. An Open Source alternative is what the market had been looking for. This has become apparent by the response we have received", said Sachin Garg, Business Development Manager at Daffodil.

"We welcome community feedback and are committed to incorporate features based upon developer participation. Currently, a team of developers is working to continuously improve the product and is guided by the Replicator Roadmap. Herein, in addition to compatibility with Sybase and Firebird, some advanced features such as table-level synchronization, record level conflict resolver and support for dynamic filters are in the pipeline" stated Parveen Agarwal, Replicator Project Administrator.

About Daffodil Replicator:

Daffodil Replicator is an Open Source data synchronization tool hosted at SourceForge.net under the GNU General Public License. Its flexible publish and subscribe model supports both snapshot and merge replication. The project was registered on the 7th of September, 2004 and since then; two improved versions have been released by the team of 26 developers and project administrators.

Through this project, the developer community is focused upon:

* Fostering a healthy open source community associated with the development of standardized data replication software.
* Assuring continuous availability of business critical data.
* Increasing the compatibility of the tool with popular databases.
* Working towards the integration of Replicator within existing corporate infrastructure.

About Daffodil Software:

Daffodil Software develops and markets a lineage of high performance, affordable Java database servers and replication tools. Its mission is to offer cost-effective, high-quality, highly-customizable data management tools and software solutions that evolve with corresponding technology trends.

Daffodil Software was incorporated in 1999 and since then the company has designed and developed world-class database-related products such as Daffodil DB, One$DB and Daffodil Replicator. One$DB is now an Open Source project at Sourceforge.net."

Link: daffodildb.com

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