August 29, 2005

Daffodil Replicator v2.0 released

Rohit Malhotra writes "August 29, 2005: Daffodil Software today released Replicator v2.0 (beta) with support for Firebird to Firebird data replication, in addition to significant performance enhancements. With v2.0, all replication operations can be performed faster, when compared to earlier Replicator versions.
The new features introduced in Replicator v2.0 are:

Support for Firebird: Replicator v2.0 can be used with Firebird database. It supports bi-directional data synchronization between Firebird (Server) database to multiple Firebird (Client) databases. The version does not provide the functionality of Firebird data replication to heterogeneous database servers. This functionality will be introduced in future Replicator versions.

Partial Tables Replication: Partial Table Replication allows a user to ignore specific columns in a publisher database table. It provides the flexibility to disregard data (residing in publisher database columns) that is not required on the client side, hence making the replication operation more efficient.

Cyclic Tables Replication: Replicator v2.0 can be used with complex database structures where tables have cyclical dependencies. The previous replication versions could not replicate the tables that hold references to each other.

In regards to performance, with Replicator v2.0, the XML file creation process has been reviewed and optimized. The new process drastically reduces the time taken in capturing the insertion, deletion and updation of records from Replicator Shadow tables and transmitting the same to the target database server. Major bug fixing related to tags issues in XML file, appending the foreign key constraint and creation of transaction log file during Real time Replication has also been done.

For more information on Daffodil Replicator v2.0, drop us a line at Users can download the new version and revised documents from: Daffodil Software
Daffodil Software develops and markets a lineage of high-performance, affordable database servers and tools. Their mission is 'to offer cost-effective, high-quality, customizable data management tools and solutions that evolve with corresponding technology trends'. The company also deals in open source CRM, open source database and offshore software development."


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