June 13, 2005

Damn Small Linux 1.2 Review

Flavio Villanustre writes "While looking for a portable live linux Distribution to run off a USB drive, I tried the latest version (1.2) of Damn Small Linux (DSL) and got pleasantly surprised.

DSL is a live, self contained but extensible, linux distribution that can run from USB drives, CD-ROM’s, mini CD-ROM’s (business card shaped) and any other read write or read only media. It can be installed in a hard drive and become a full Debian distribution should you need it.

The beauty of DSL resides on it’s size, extensibility and flexibility. Traditionally, when you thought of a live CD linux distribution, you thought of a static distribution. DSL is flexible and can use any available read write media to save customizations and additions."

Link: geminis.dyndns.org


  • Linux
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