June 21, 2006

Damn Small Linux 3.0 Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "DistroWatch reports - DSL now boots to Unionfs; new boot option 'legacy' to boot without Unionfs; moved MyDSL local extension loading functionality from emelfm to MyDSL desktop icon; new mountable MyDSL extension type unc with automatic branch management; adjust Getting Started / Dillo screen to support booting 640x480; added ACPI modules for newer power management support; New FUSE support; new sshfs support for simple remote network mounts; new theme 'A Penguin with a Hat'; new unc extension section in the MyDSL repository.

OSDir has some nice shots of this fresh DSL release in the DSL 3.0 Screenshot Tour."

Link: shots.osdir.com


  • Linux
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