December 1, 2003

The Dangers of the Corporate Media

Author: Chuck Talk

agentorange writes "When it comes to hurling insults, accusations, allegations and innuendo, few people could ever hope to match the SCO Group for their one-trick showmanship. Whenever company executives go to speak to the press, you can be certain of one thing: they have been studying the World Wrestling Foundation and the art of propaganda quite well. The SCO Group seem to be able to call on a litany of cohorts in the effort to confuse the public and rewrite history, some who are shameless in their foppish acts of agitation and retreat; and some who simply are supportingcharacters in this one-act play.

Although the SCO Group has been able to call on well-known writers from supposedly respectable financial magazines that when taken as a whole, clearly indicate personal bias against a group of developers who are portrayed by the writer in a bad light because that suits his desires and goals. That was so nice of him to join in on the discussion and present such an unfair and imbalanced point of view. The media seem to have forgotten their role is to report facts and not their personal bias.

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