February 20, 2006

Dapper Flight 4 released

It has been a very exciting development cycle thus far. Dapper has seen many improvements including a new graphical installer splash using gfxboot, a new kernel version with special builds for various types of servers, speed improvements all around, and new versions of all sorts of software. This week brings us Dapper Flight 4, the fourth alpha release of Ubuntu 6.04 - The Dapper Drake. Dapper Flight 4 is the product of over 3 months of tremendous effort to mold the latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer into a coherent easy to use whole. The most significant milestone for Dapper Flight 4 is the UVF (Upstream Version Freeze). Aside from a few exceptions such as GNOME 2.14 and Espresso, most of what is in Dapper now is what will be in the final release in April. Let's take a look at what you are going to get.

Link: Ubuntu Wiki

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