October 28, 2005

Darmik.com supports Open Source Projects

Anonymous Reader writes "Darmik allows members to give a portion of there revenue to Open Source Software Projects as well as Charities and Non Profits that are focused on World Poverty issues and Disaster Relief Efforts.

Darmik gives anyone the ability to sell, and list anything anytime and anyplace on the internet. Products or listings that are entered into Darmik can be distributed by any other Darmik members even if they are not the original seller or the person that created the listing. This feature gives all products and listings that are entered into Darmik the ability to have an unlimited amount of distribution and sells channels.

There is no subscription fee for selling or listing on Darmik. You can have as many stores/sites with as many products and listings as you want. There is no limit to what you can sell or list. You can sell and distribute real world products as well as digital files.

Darmik is ideal for hosting and distributing Open Source Projects.

Darmik allows product and file owners to designate a portion of their sales revenue to go to one or more non-profits organizations that are in line with Darmiks Non Profit and Charity focus.

Darmik’s main focuses are:

• Charities and Non Profits that are focused on helping people that live in poverty all over the world.

• Charities and Non Profits that are focused on Emergency Relief.

• Non Profit Open Source software Projects

If your Charity or Non Profit fits the description of Darmiks main focus in this area; you can receive donations from the sales of Darmik members by clicking on the link below and filling in the form with the required information.


Link: darmik.com

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