September 6, 2005

Data Center Linux - August 2005 status report

Author: Mary Edie Meredith

Mary Edie Meredith, OSDL DCL Initiative Manager, writes "OSDL's Data Center Linux initiative has released its August status report. This month saw the completion of the DCL initiative's "4k LUNs Testing" effort, which demonstrated use of 4,096 LUNs in a Linux 2.6 server thanks to a previous contribution by NetApp. Another DCL initiative, "NFSv4 Testing", presented at the Ottawa Linux Symposium, Dreamworks, and Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and this month received a generous cash donation from NetApp. DCL member companies published a set of customer success stories this month on Linux retail industry advancements, showing that Linux has greatly reduced costs of point of sale systems and that retail deployments of Linux increased significantly in 2004.
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