A Database David Takes On The Amazon Goliath—Minus The Slingshot


Amazon Web Services (AWS) sets the pace for innovation in cloud and sets pricing. For all of the “Everything is awesome!” singing surrounding the open-source cloud-computing platform OpenStack, it still lags AWS in almost every feature that cloud customers value.

Most attempts to improve OpenStack come from longtime open-source contributors like Red Hat. But one new entrant, Tesora, is something of a johnny-come-lately to open source. Last week, Tesora announced that it was open sourcing its previously proprietary database virtualization engine as part of its commitment to OpenStack’s Trove database-as-a-service (DBaaS) project. Like other DBaaS offerings, Trove aims to provide customers with appropriate levels of database capacity depending on their requirements at any given time without tying them to particular database servers.

While Tesora still has much to prove, it claims that OpenStack’s DBaaS now delivers superior functionality to Amazon’s competing DBaaS, known as RDS. But “superior functionality” may not be enough to unseat the AWS behemoth. 

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