September 30, 2002

David Mosberger ponders the future of Linux on IA-64

"David Mosberger has been a 64-bit Linux guy since day one. While pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Arizona in the early '90s, Mosberger led the Linux port to the Alpha processor and soon found that his Linux hobby was taking up as much time as his graduate work. He joined an Internet research group within Hewlett Packard in 1997, and a few years later the Swiss-born Mosberger jumped at the chance to contribute to the Itanium port (see Resources for a links to Mosberger's personal page and the IA-64 Linux project), where he is now lead kernel architect. Since 1988, he has written the first IA-64 back end for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), wrote much of the IA-64 toolchain support, and implemented much of the IA-64-specific parts of the Linux kernel."

Link: IBM


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