October 3, 2001

Day of Action in UK against new CDs

Author: JT Smith

Philip Hunt writes "The
Campaign for Digital Rights
is holding a Day of Action against the
copy-prevented CDs

this Saturday. We will be distributing leaflets outside record
shops thoughout the UK, warning potential customers of the danger the
new CDs pose.
Record companies are introducing new corrupt CDs
which won't play on
computers, PS2 and DVD machines, or have lower quality sound
and won't last as long as normal CDs. Of the CDs that will play on
computers, they will only play on Microsoft operating systems,
and using Microsoft's Media Player software -
users of minority operating systems like Linux will be deliberately excluded, as will non-Microsoft music playing software.

If, like us, you don't want to be ripped off with shoddy, sub-standard
CDs, you can
be part of our Day of Action."


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