db.* available for Open Source Solaris

Daniel writes “Bellevue, WA – With Sun’s announcement and release of open source Solaris, ITTIA is announcing support for use of db.* with Solaris. This powerful database and operating system combination has been tested and proven in ITTIA’s labs and is ready for wide deployment. Because of db.*’s license, it was not possible to use db.* with Solaris until Sun opened up the code.
According to a white paper by Seal Rock Research, Solaris and Linux are in a performance horserace. More and more customers are finding, however, that no matter how fast the underlying operating system, the database is a large factor in determining performance.
Developers for Solaris 10 now have the option to use the lightning-fast open-source db.* database in their projects. The db.* code is stable and mature, and has already found its way into thousands of applications from telecommunications and plant management to life sciences. The small footprint and combination network- and relational data model makes db.* ideal for real-time or scientific data processing.
Many developers turn to Sun because they want a technology supported and developed by a professional company. Many people trust Solaris because Solaris is under the control of a real company that has demonstrated its commitment to quality: Sun. Solaris is a robust, professionally supported operating system. Developers should expect the same quality of service and commitment from their database vendor. ITTIA is committed to development and support of db.* for Solaris 10 developers.
ITTIA is also inviting Solaris 10 developers to its Club ITTIA community. Club ITTIA is the place for developers who seek to learn and share their database experiences. Club ITTIA provides fast, small-footprint databases with no runtime or development costs to application developers on open source platforms. Club ITTIA forum enables communication between developers seeking information about various databases, including their speed and suitability for various tasks. Club ITTIA news includes ITTIA news and outside news about db.* and ITTIA database solutions.
ITTIA has provided data management solutions worldwide to companies of all sizes, including companies in the Fortune 500. ITTIA solutions can be found in sectors including industrial, government, pharmaceutical and automotive technology – and ITTIA’s re-launch and revival of the db.* database as an open-source project, and the subsequent development has generated a buzz in the open-source database community.
“ITTIA is pleased to see Sun become more committed to the open source movement, and welcome all Solaris developers into the Club ITTIA community,” said Sasan Montaseri, President of ITTIA. “Solaris users will find applications embedded with db.* to be very fast and responsive. db.* is an ideal database for data-intensive applications.””