April 11, 2006

DC PHP Conference 2006

Keith Casey writes "Announcing the 2006 DC PHP Conference

Come experience the first annual PHP Conference in the greater D.C. Metropolitan Area! PHP is a robust programming language with endless practical applications for government agencies, IT companies, and non-profit organizations. PHP was recently awarded "Programming Language Of 2004" by TIOBE Software, a respected coding standards company, and is quickly gaining ground for producing server-side applications, providing dynamic web content and a broad range of robust and scalable software applications. Come learn what PHP has to offer at the 2006 DC PHP Conference!

The 2006 conference features presentations, workshops, and discussions on the advantages of PHP, as well as case studies of proven PHP applications that are used within and in support of government systems. And as a service to our local non-profit community, the DC PHP Conference is partnering with Penguin Day, an organization dedicated to empowering non-profit organizations in the use of free and Open Source software.

Projected conference session tracks include:

        * Integrating PHP with the Federal Operations and the Enterprise
        * Security & Accountability
        * The Art of PHP
        * The Business Case for PHP"

Link: dcphpconference.com


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