December 7, 2005

DCC Alliance Releases Common Debian-Based Core

Anonymous Reader writes "The DCC Alliance Releases Common, Standards-Compliant Core for Debian GNU/Linux Distributions.

Major Linux Vendors Reach Major Milestone in Advancing Enterprise Adoption of Debian GNU/Linux

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., December 6, 2005 -- Major Linux vendors and non-profit organizations today officially released DCC 3.0, a common, standards-compliant Debian core to serve as the basis for DCC Alliance member distributions and further the commercial adoption of Debian GNU/Linux. DCC 3.0 is fully compliant with the Linux Standards Base (LSB) 3.0, permitting independent software vendors (ISVs) and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) to port or write single versions of their products for Linux that will run on all Linux distributions based on the DCC as well as other LSB-compliant distributions. For more information, please visit

“The release of DCC 3.0 is a major milestone in our organization's brief history, and tangible proof that through intense collaborative effort, members with diverse objectives can rally around industry standards to advance our common commercial interests,” said Ian Murdock, Debian founder and leader of the DCC Alliance. “Debian GNU/Linux already enjoys a worldwide reputation, and DCC 3.0 is a practical first step by our alliance to help Debian achieve its rightful place in the enterprise space.”

DCC as the Basis for Member Distributions and Certification

The DCC is not a complete Linux distribution -- it is a common core comprised of essential programs or "packages" from Debian GNU/Linux, combined with member contributed additions to attain LSB compliance and achieve broad commercial acceptance and support. Users will not install the DCC directly; rather, they will install a Linux distribution from one of the DCC Alliance members. The Alliance will guarantee application compatibility across these Linux distributions, as well as provide a single certification for independent software vendors (ISVs) and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) that applies to all of the member distributions.

Alliance members will integrate the DCC into their products as part of their normal release cycles in 2005 and 2006.

DCC Reference Implementation Available for Testing

In addition to the DCC common core itself, the DCC Alliance has produced
a DCC Reference Implementation (DCCRI). The DCCRI is a minimal DCC-based Linux distribution designed to serve as a vehicle for experimentation and integration testing, as well as the baseline for the DCC Alliance certification program.

For more information about the DCC and the DCC Alliance, including how to get involved in development of the common core, how to join the DCC Alliance, and how to build a DCC-based distribution, please visit

About the DCC Alliance

The DCC Alliance is an association of organizations and individuals to assemble a common, standards-based core for Debian-based Linux distributions and accelerate worldwide commercial adoption of Debian GNU/Linux. Founding members of the Alliance include credativ, KNOPPER.NET (KNOPPIX), (Junta de Extremadura), Linspire, Inc., MEPIS LLC, Progeny, Sun Wah, UserLinux, and Xandros, Inc. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:

Heather MacKenzie
DCC Press Contact/Linspire, Inc.
858-587-6700 x263
858-587-8095 (Fax)


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