June 25, 2006

Dear Adelie

Tux's less famous sister answers even your silliest questions on Linux and open source software.

Dear Adelie,

What do you do for a living?

-- Regards

How can I make you go away?

-- No regard

A penguin's needs are few and inexpensive. The pittance that OSTG pays is plenty for me. Before I embarked on the life of an open source advice columnist, I got a degree from U of A (Ross Ice Shelf campus) and interned at the Falklands Islands Herald-Tribune. Don't tell my boss, but a large enough donation in unmarked bills or a gig as personal assistant for Jack Black (sigh -- I know he's not my species, but ... wow) would get me out of your hair for good.

Dear Adelie,

I haven't heard you speak out in favor of the war on terror. Why do you hate freedom?

-- US uber alles

What do you mean? I advocate Linux over Windows every chance I get.

Dear Adelie,

I saw your answer to a technical question a couple of weeks ago. I really appreciated it -- I learned something. Why don't you do more of these?

-- CLI noobie

No one asks.

Ask Adelie your question. Adelie thanks you all for writing, but regrets that she cannot provide personal answers to all questions.


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