February 27, 2004

Dearer Linux servers gain sales

Customers gravitated toward more-expensive and powerful Linux servers in the fourth quarter of 2003, new sales statistics show.

With the server market's heavy pricing pressure, revenue growth has typically been far less than unit shipment growth -- when any revenue growth could
be found in the last three difficult years. But in Linux servers, revenue growth outpaced unit shipments, according to fourth-quarter figures from
market research firm IDC.

Linux server shipments grew 63 percent to $950m (£511m) from the fourth quarter of 2002 to the fourth quarter of 2003, IDC said. At the same time,
unit shipments grew 53 percent to about 250,000.

"It implies that there are more powerful systems in the mix," IDC analyst Jean Bozman said.

Link: news.zdnet.co.uk


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