September 15, 2005 launches users group for Debian bas

Josh King writes "The DebCentral team is proud to announce the official launch of, the first online community dedicated to both Debian GNU/Linux, and the many derivative distributions it has spawned. DebCentral's goal is to provide a place where users of any Debian based or derivative distributions can come together for news, support, collaboration, and to exchange views and information with each other. We are aiming to provide a place that is welcoming to users, administrators, and developers of all levels. No matter if you have just recently moved to a Debian style distro, or you are a highly experienced guru, you will be more than welcome at

DebCentral was originally conceived to bring the spirit of cooperation shown by the members of the DCC (Debian Core Consortium) to the many users and administrators who depend on and love these distros. It has been founded by volunteer users of several distros including users of Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, MEPIS, Kanotix, Knoppix, and more. We actively look for new people willing to help out in all areas, from forum posting and moderation, to writing and researching our own original articles as well as news from around the world of Debian-centric distros and software, to helping to promote and grow our own community as well as their chosen distributions.

“Too often, we have seen people working in ways that are counter-productive to promoting cooperation and sharing among Debian based distributions” said Josh King, Project Leader for DebCentral. “We will begin the work to change that. Yes, there are differences among the distros, but when the users, administrators, and developers who depend on this incredible software begin to learn from each other and work together, everyone stands to gain.”

If you are interested in contributing to and promoting the world of Debian-centric software stop by and join the community."


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