January 12, 2006

Debconf6's Preliminary list of Talks Announced

Margarita Manterola writes "The annual Debian Developers Conference (DebConf) for 2006 will be held in
Oaxtepec, Mexico from May 14th to May 22th 2006. Its target audience is
mainly Debian Developers and contributors to the project, although Debian
users are welcome to attend as well. The talks that will be held during the
conference have already been selected and are listed at Debconf6's site.

Every year, Free Software developers from more than 30 countries around the
world meet for a week-long series of intensive development, workshops and
seminars to work on the Debian project. Through the talks, demos, coding
parties and discussions, the main figures of one of the major GNU/Linux
distributions gather to make Debian better. The event is highly technical
in nature, although socializing and sharing experiences among developers is
also an important part of it.

Just before the conference starts, on May 13th, a special event called
"Debian Day" will be held, it is aimed at the general public and the
press. During this day, several talks will be given, both in English and
Spanish about Debian related subjects.

DebConf6 is being organized with financial support from HP, NetApp,
Intel and Bytemark Hosting."


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