August 10, 2001

Debian: netkit-telnet buffer overflow

Author: JT Smith

Posted at "The telnet daemon contained in the netkit-telnet_0.16-4potato1 package in
the 'stable' (potato) distribution of Debian GNU/Linux is vulnerable to an
exploitable overflow in its output handling.
The original bug was found by , and announced to
bugtraq on Jul 18 2001. At that time, netkit-telnet versions after 0.14 were
not believed to be vulnerable.
On Aug 10 2001, zen-parse posted an advisory based on the same problem, for
all netkit-telnet versions below 0.17.
More details can be found on .
As Debian uses the 'telnetd' user to run in.telnetd, this is not a remote
root compromise on Debian systems; the 'telnetd' user can be compromised."


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