October 23, 2006

Debian/OpenSolaris-bases NexentaOS Alpha6 released

erast writes "Nexenta OS "Elatte" Alpha 6 is now available. Release Highlights: Nexenta Zones - opens the possibility to create custom zones and pre-install with selected software; integrated BrandZ - allows running Linux userland; SVR4 packaging - to install native Solaris packages (missing drivers, etc.) In addition, Alpha 6 contains: SUN_PERSONALITY - for those who need to run native Solaris software; updated GNOME artwork from Ubuntu Edgy; security updates from Ubuntu Dapper LTS; installer improvements; many fixes and various package updates; OpenSolaris build 50, with numerous kernel fixes and features (such as BrandZ, initial DRM support, etc.)"

Link: distrowatch.com


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