February 2, 2007

Debugging WiFi

Guest writes "Don't you hate it when you have a problem, only to be told, "On my machine, it just works"? I know I do. So when Ben Okopnik wrote in Linux Gazette #127: [ I do a lot of travelling, and connect to a wide variety ofstrange WLANs. In my experience, at least, connecting to a wireless LAN with Linux is usually just as simple as Edgar describes. -- Ben ] This motivated me to solve a long-standing problem: I could not connect to "open" wifi access points. I had no trouble at all with closed access points; someone gives me the ESSID and the WEP key, and I'm on. But plop me down at a hotel, airport, or coffee shop, and no amount of fiddling would get me connected."

Link: linuxgazette.net

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