June 4, 2002

Declan McCullagh leaves Wired Magazine

aicra writes: "According to his article at Wired.com, dated June 1, 2002, Declan will no longer be writing his weekly notebook for Wired magazine. According to the Library of Economics and Liberty, "Declan McCullagh has been writing about the Internet since 1990:

He was the first Internet reporter to join the National Press Club; he participated in the first White House dot com press pool; he was the first journalist to question Vice President Gore's claim to have created the Internet, and broke the story that U.S. District Judge Thomas Jackson ruled that Microsoft violated antitrust laws.

McCullagh studied cognitive science at Carnegie Mellon University, where he wrote for the student newspaper, and was president of the student body. During college, he worked as a programmer at NeXT Computer.

In his spare time, McCullagh moderates politech, http://www.politechbot.com/ a mailing list looking broadly at politics and technology. He also amuses himself with analog photography. In addition to tinkering with his original NeXT cube at home, he programs in C, mySQL, and Perl, and maintains a Linux server that supports half a dozen web sites." In the article, Mccullagh says he'll be writing for a "different news organization."

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