June 20, 2002

Declare your "wIndependence" this July 4th!

Anonymous Reader writes: "DesktopLinux.com today proclaimed July 4th, 2002 to be the first annual wIndependence Day. Coinciding with the US Independence Day holiday, wIndependence Day celebrates the burgeoning use of Linux on business, government, educational institution, and personal end-user computer desktops as an alternative to dependence on Microsoft's Windows operating system and associated products. Thousands of dollars worth of prizes for the celebration's essay contest are being donated by CodeWeavers, ELX, Lindows.com, Lycoris, MandrakeSoft, Opera, Sun Microsystems, SuSE, theKompany, and Ximian, providers of the leading desktop-oriented Linux distributions and productivity tools.

To turbocharge this year's wIndependence Day celebration, DesktopLinux.com is inviting readers to send in their 500-1000 word accounts of how they have 'kicked the Windows habit' or implemented Linux as a Windows-alternative in their company or organization. Twenty-five of the best essays submitted by midnight July 3rd will be selected for publication at DesktopLinux.com beginning on July 4th, and their authors will be awarded prizes.

Read the full story here and enter today!"


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