June 20, 2002

Declare your 'wIndependence' this July 4th

DesktopLinux.com, the leading destination on the
web for Desktop Linux news and information, today
proclaimed July 4th, 2002 to be the first annual
wIndependence Day. Coinciding with the US
Independence Day holiday, wIndependence Day
celebrates the burgeoning use of Linux on business,
government, educational institution, and personal
end-user computer desktops as an alternative to
dependence on Microsoft's Windows operating system and
associated products.
Thousands of dollars worth of prizes for
  the celebration's essay contest are being donated by
  CodeWeavers, ELX, Lindows.com, Lycoris, MandrakeSoft, Opera,
  Sun Microsystems, SuSE, theKompany, and Ximian, providers of
  the leading desktop-oriented Linux distributions and
  productivity tools.

  To turbocharge this year's wIndependence Day celebration,
  DesktopLinux.com is inviting readers to send in their 500-1000
  word accounts of how they have 'kicked the Windows habit' or
  implemented Linux as a Windows-alternative in their company or
  organization. Twenty-five of the best essays submitted by
  midnight July 3rd will be selected for publication at
  DesktopLinux.com beginning on July 4th, and their authors will
  be awarded prizes from among the following: 

      CodeWeavers: CD version of CrossOver Office; CD version of
      Crossover Plugin
      ELX: ELX Platinum version; ELX tee shirt
      Lindows.com: a Microtel LindowsOS-powered computer system 
      Lycoris: Desktop/LX Update 2 Beta CD hot off the press;
      Lycoris tee shirt
      Mandrake: Standard Edition Boxed edition; Powerpack Boxed
      edition; ProSuite Boxed edition; Mandrake tee shirt
      Opera: Opera for Linux (license)
      Sun Microsystems: StarOffice 6.0 boxed set
      SuSE: SuSE linux Professional with Pro-Office
      theKompany: Kivio mp, a powerful flowchart and diagram
      Ximian: Ximian Desktop Professional Edition; Red Carpet
      Express account 

  Further details on the contest, prizes, and rules of entry are
  available here.

  Linux is increasingly the OS of choice for businesses,
  organizations, and consumers wanting to break free of
  Microsoft's desktop computer software monopoly, while saving
  money and improving system security and reliability. Recently,
  the move to Linux has been spurred in part as a reaction to
  Microsoft's new, more aggressive, licensing policy. Various
  governmental agencies and educational institutions worldwide
  have recently begun implementing legislation or programs
  geared to the adoption of Linux and other open source software
  as an alternative to Microsoft's Windows and Office products.

                            * * * * * *

  Here are quotes from the leading providers of software for
  Linux on the desktop, who are supporting this event by
  donating prizes:

  "This is going to be the breakout year for Linux on the
  Desktop. When we launched CrossOver Office earlier this year,
  we were completely overwhelmed by the number of people who
  were planning to move to Linux. With the great strides made in
  Linux in the areas of installation and usability, our
  elimination of the Windows compatibility problem has removed
  the last major barrier to wide spread Linux adoption," said
  Jeremy White, Founder and CEO of CodeWeavers.

  "Such policies of Microsoft are, in fact, helping Linux to
  find its way rapidly into the desktops of even giant
  organizations. Microsoft itself is shaking them up from the
  deep hypnotic slumber. Many of them are rising to the dawn of
  Linux which heralds an era of freedom of choice, reliability,
  and now unprecedented ease of use as well," commented Abhi
  Datt, Chief Software Architect and founder of Project ELX.

  "Lindows.com is all about providing a choice on the desktop,"
  said Michael Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of
  Lindows.com, Inc. "wIndependence Day demonstrates the growing
  segment of people who want viable, affordable and stable
  choices in technology."

  "We are proud to be part of the Desktop Linux community. We've
  made the extra effort to create a feeling of inclusiveness at
  the Lycoris Community Website, lycoris.org, and by visiting
  local Linux User Groups and being part of Install Fests,"
  commented Jason Spisak, Marketing Director, Lycoris. "Offering
  an easy to use operating system based on Linux, like
  Desktop/LX, has to be coupled with both consumer friendliness
  and respect for Open Source -- otherwise it's just smoke and
  mirrors. We're glad to have the opportunity to participate in
  this exciting new annual Desktop Linux community event."

  "The rapid maturity of Linux has propelled it from a viable
  alternative to a must-consider option for the desktop.
  MandrakeSoft proudly supports this wIndependence Day
  celebration and the continued development of open source
  technology," said Daniel Morales, VP Americas.

  "Linux is maturing into a real competitor to Windows on
  desktops around the world," says Pal A. Hvistendahl,
  communications director, Opera Software ASA. "That the OS is
  gaining strides in popularity as well is obvious to all of us
  at Opera Software. So far we've had over one million downloads
  and installations of our Opera for Linux version, with
  thousands of new users looking for a better Internet
  experience adopting Opera every day. By continuing the focus
  of bringing cutting-edge technology to Linux users, Opera is
  proud to be part of the movement that is making Linux a
  user-friendly desktop alternative for users of all skill

  "More and more enterprises today are doing business on
  multiple platforms, including Linux" said Cheryln Chin, vice
  president, business development, Software Systems Group at Sun
  Microsystems. "With the help of StarOffice 6.0, many Linux
  users will now have a full-featured office productivity suite
  - compatible with major platforms -- to conduct everyday

  "The Linux Desktop is here today!," proclaimed Holger Dyroff,
  SuSE Director of North American Sales. "SuSE is proud to have
  contributed significant resources and development efforts to
  making the Linux Desktop a reality. By sponsoring numerous
  Open Source projects such as KDE, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound
  Architecture), Reiser Journaling file, system, XFREE86 and the
  Linux Kernel itself, SuSE has been committed to Linux since

  "We think this idea from DesktopLinux is a fantastic one.
  We've been trying to do our share of making the transition
  from Windows to Linux easier by having many of our
  applications available on both platforms for one price. This
  helps to reduce the risk and financial impact of transition,
  when you already have applications you are familiar with.
  We'll conquer the desktop together, one user at a time if need
  be," enthused Shawn Gordon, President of theKompany.

  "As a company, Ximian is focused on driving Linux desktop
  adoption by providing the desktop usability, productivity
  applications, interoperability and software management that
  end users and corporate customers need, especially in mixed
  Windows environments," said David Patrick, president and CEO
  of Ximian, Inc.. "Our products, including Ximian GNOME, Ximian
  Evolution, Red Carpet and Ximian Connector for Microsoft
  Exchange help make that possible. DesktopLinux.com provides an
  invaluable resource for users making the move to Linux
  desktops, with the wIndependence Day program being only the
  latest example."

                            * * * * * *

  About DesktopLinux.com

  DesktopLinux.com is the premier destination on the web for
  Desktop Linux content. A unique web portal exclusively devoted
  to the use of Linux as a desktop operating system for personal
  and business purposes, DesktopLinux.com features news,
  opinions, HOWTOs, FAQs, product previews/reviews, product
  listings, a discussion forum, and links to other web
  resources, all focused on using -- or learning to use -- Linux
  as a desktop operating system. DesktopLinux.com is the sister
  site of the popular embedded Linux portal, LinuxDevices.com,
  which has become the most prominent website for the Embedded
  Linux market and won Linux Magazine's coveted 'Website of the
  Year' in the 2001 Editors Choice awards. Decision makers have
  consistently relied on DeviceForge websites, for news,
  information, and trends about the emerging Linux market since

  About CodeWeavers

  CodeWeavers provides products and services that help our
  customers to make the transition from the Windows software
  world to the Linux software world. Our CrossOver Office
  product makes it possible to run popular productivity
  applications such as Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes. Our
  CrossOver Plugin product makes it possible to use popular
  Windows centric web content, such as Windows Media Player,
  Quicktime, and Shockwave.

  About ELX

  ELX has been designed and developed for those technology savvy
  organizations and individuals who want ease, reliability,
  productivity and technical superiority, all at the same time.
  To know why ELX is the best ever Linux Experience, visit:

  About Lindows.com

  Lindows.com, Inc. is a consumer company that brings choice to
  computer users. Lindows.com, Inc. uses the latest technology
  to create affordable, stable, user-friendly products.
  Lindows.com, Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder
  and former CEO of MP3.com. At the core of Lindows.com is a new
  operating system called LindowsOS, a modern, affordable,
  easy-to-use operating system with Click-N-Run, a feature that
  allows users to download high-quality software with one-click
  of their mouse.

  About Lycoris

  Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000
  with a vision of making Linux simple enough for anyone to use.
  Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the consumer
  market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, a simple, robust
  desktop operating system. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly
  positive press coverage while rocketing into the spotlight as
  the provider of Desktop/LX, and continues to create easy to
  use products, like the upcoming Iris, Internet Rapid Installer
  for Software, which makes software installation from the web a

  About MandrakeSoft

  MandrakeSoft provides a trusted interface between users of
  information technology and open source developers. The company
  offers its enterprise, government and educational customers a
  set of GNU Linux and Open-Source software and related
  services, and user-friendly and highly competitive information
  technologies. In addition, MandrakeSoft offers technologists
  committed to open software and courseware a trusted channel to
  offer their services. The company has technologists in over 20
  countries, and is traded on Paris Euronext Marché Libre and
  the US OTC market. "Born on the Internet" in late 1998,
  MandrakeSoft established headquarters in the U.S.A., Montreal,
  and France. Please visit www.mandrakesoft.com for more

  About Opera Software

  Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in the development of
  Web browsers for the desktop and embedded markets, partnering
  with companies such as IBM, AMD, Symbian, Canal+ Technologies,
  Ericsson, Sharp and Lineo. The Opera browser has received
  international recognition from end users and the industry
  press for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant
  than other browsers. Opera is available on Windows, Mac,
  Linux/Solaris, Symbian OS and QNX. Opera Software ASA is a
  privately held company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Learn
  more about Opera at www.opera.com.

  About Sun Microsystems

  Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network
  Is The Computer" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. to
  its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength
  hardware, software and services that make the Net work. Sun
  can be found in more than 170 countries and on the World Wide
  Web at http://sun.com. Sun's StarOffice 6.0 software offers a
  full-featured, multi-platform office suite with word
  processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing,
  Web-publishing, charting, formula-editing and database
  applications that offer everyone from large organizations, to
  governments, to small business, to individuals, a cost
  effective multi-platform alternative to proprietary office
  suites. StarOffice supports Linux, Solaris and Windows
  platforms. StarOffice 6.0 software is available in Chinese
  (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese (kanji) and Korean, in
  addition to the major Western languages.

  About SuSE

  SuSE Linux AG, Nuremberg/Germany, is one of the world's
  leading providers of complete solutions based on the Open
  Source operating system Linux. In addition to operating
  systems and application software for private customers, SuSE
  Linux AG offers software solutions and
  complete systems for the deployment of Linux in companies.
  SuSE supports its enterprise customers with a comprehensive
  range of qualified consulting, training, and support services.
  The company, which hosts the world's largest development team
  for Open Source solutions, has made its unique project and
  support know-how accessible via the Internet in the largest
  existing Linux knowledge database. 

  About theKompany

  theKompany.com is a California-based corporation founded in
  1999 with developer teams in North America and Europe.
  theKompany.com fills a need in the Linux community for
  mass-marketed, quality Linux software by producing developer
  tools and desktop applications. Recently theKompany has
  branched out into the embedded space on the new Sharp Zaurus
  and has recently won contests and awards for those
  applications. theKompany.com's products are marketed both
  online and through B&M channels such as Microcenter and Fry's
  Electronics. Visit www.thekompany.com or email
  info@thekompany.com for more information.

  About Ximian

  Ximian is the established leader in providing open source
  desktop technology, applications, support and services for the
  Linux and UNIX marketplaces. Ximian products, in use by over
  1,000,000 people worldwide, are providing the ease of use,
  productivity and interoperability needed to propel the
  adoption of the Linux desktop in corporate computing
  environments. Its Ximian Desktop software starts with Ximian
  GNOME, a productized end-user desktop based on the GNOME
  project, to provide a complete graphical desktop environment
  and productivity application suite for Linux and UNIX systems.
  Ximian Red Carpet and Ximian Evolution deliver software and
  personal information management solutions for both end users
  and corporate customers. Comprised of many of the original
  architects of the GNOME system, Ximian is a founding member of
  the GNOME Foundation and sits on the advisory board. The
  company has secured funding from leading venture firms Charles
  River Ventures and Battery Ventures and can be reached at
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