October 30, 2003

In defense of Microsoft

In late September 2003, the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) in Washington issued a new report that detailed its "findings" on
the state of Internet security. The panel of experts who authored the paper agreed that the Internet security problems faced by corporations,
consumers, and government users could not be solved unless these groups made a concerted effort to move away from Microsoft Windows and other
Microsoft products. In their opinion, the lack of diversity in computing platforms has made it easy for virus writers and hackers to target systems
based on the Windows platform.

With an estimated 90 percent of the world's desktop PCs running on Windows and a significant share of the enterprise server market as well, Microsoft
invites these attacks and, according to the report, doesn't have the capacity to stop them. So, Mr. or Ms. CIO, is it time to dump Microsoft and move
to a radically different computing platform?

Link: techrepublic.com

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