December 14, 2000

Dell enhances hosting service offerings

Author: JT Smith

From BusinessWire:
Dell today announced that DellHost, Dell's integrated Web hosting service, is offering expanded custom, multi-tier solutions that include
firewall and load balancing servers.
DellHost today also announced a 1GHz configuration of its rack optimized 2U Dell) PowerEdge 2450 dedicated hosting server and a
complimentary 1U PowerApp Web server offer on select dedicated hosting packages.

DellHost is announcing the availability of 1GHz processing power to its customer base at competitive prices. In its D-3300 dedicated server solution,
DellHost offers a PowerEdge 2450 server featuring dual 1GHz Intel Pentium III processors, 1GB RAM, three 9GB(a) SCSI hard drives and Red
Hat Linux operating system for only $799 per month, plus set-up fees ...

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