March 29, 2004

Dell, Intel Sued for Patent Infringement

Observers noted that because Intel's processors are used in computers made by dozens of companies, MicroUnity could have sued any number of PC makers.
Dell may have been selected because of its close relationship with Intel and its stature as a growing company.

Dell and Intel
have been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit that claims the two companies pilfered graphic display technology developed by a small California
company to create entire families of processors and computers.

The suit, filed by MicroUnity Systems Engineering, claims that technology used in almost all Intel Pentium III and Pentium 4 chips to display video
and graphics and produce sound infringes on seven patents held by MicroUnity. Those Pentium chips power almost all current Dell computer models.
Neither Dell nor Intel was immediately available for comment on the suits, which were filed in Texas, where Dell is based.


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